Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Mini Update Numero Uno!

Hello everyone!

OK, so its official, I am back - and I'm here to update you on my last month or so, although it feels much, much longer as Ive had so much going on!!

Id like to say hello to all of my new followers and apologise, I usually try to post at least twice a week but lately I have had some crazy times... all will be revealed!!

I think il start with an update for Mr Perfect, as you know this has been one of the most influential men in my search for the perfect sugar daddy, and is the most important to me. So things are going well, I am still unsure of where I stand, what my exact position is in his life - but - It finally happened - we kissed! It was great, felt entirely natural as I was worried after such a long wait it might be a little awkward, but I need not have worried, it was PERFECT.

He had picked me up from my new apartment, in one of his 20 - YES 20?!!!! - cars, a beautiful black Jaguar, and driven us to his house. This was the first time I had visited his house, although we had driven by a few times and he had pointed it out. The house, well, where do I start. This is Perfects main property, as he owns them all over the world and a number of places in London, but this is his 'Home'.
The house is a sprawling mansion, set on acres and acres of land. The house is an old listed building, and I could imagine characters from a Jane Austin novel wandering around the grounds whilst reading a book and basking in the sunshine!
Inside, the house looked exactly like id imagined. Not at all modern, but scattered with antiques and trinkets, floor to ceiling bookcases, grand pianos and imposing dark wood. Very dramatic, and a little eerie, I'm not sure I could live there alone!

I laughed when I mentioned how the house reminded me of a film set, how I could imagine walking into the Library, pulling on the spine of a book id chosen to read, and the whole bookcase spinning to reveal a secret room. Perfect laughed, and took my hand, taking me into a hallway between the bathroom and the dining room. There was a cabinet, with a few framed photographs resting on its shelves. He took my right hand and reached it into the right hand corner, pushing down as he did. To my amazement the thing started to move back, and low and behold behind the cabinet was a secret space, not really a room, but big enough for it to hold a safe. CAN YOU IMAGINE!!! Hilarious!

We settled down in the lounge, and we ordered some food from a local Michelin starred restaurant, take out style! I had crispy prawn won tons and dim sum, and we shared a bottle of wine.

As the evening drew to a close, we hopped back into the Jag and set of for home. Just before he started the engine, he turned to me, cradled his neck in my hand - and kissed me :) YES! FINALLY!!
Over the last month of so we have been doing what we always do, we meet for dinner, go dancing or have drinks, spend the day together shopping and spoiling me, we speak every day on the phone and we are very close in that respect. Sometimes he picks me up and drives me to his airplane, and we fly over to Jersey or up to Ireland for dinner. Its truly amazing and an experience I always want. I think he is a brilliant man, inspiring and intelligent, and I have come to realise that id like him with or without a sugar coating.

I could go into detailed posts about our rendezvous, but I have so much other stuff to tell that I think il save such posts for later on... so expect to hear more, watch this space.

Baby Bow xx

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Once upon a time....

Baby bow used to update her blog all of the time. It was one of her favorite things to do, and she was passionate about telling her stories.

Then, the big volcano blew over the land, and held her stranded in Las Vegas. Being the good little party girl she was, she took full advantage of the city of sin, and practically induced a coma on her body.

Weeks later, she came home, tanner and poorer and more tired than ever before. She had to use this time to rebuild her life, relationships, and spirit.

Now, she is back. With a vengeance. And stories of douchbags, princes, Perfect Kisses, and a trip to a foreign land to meet a waste of space!

Baby Bow xx :-)

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sugary Sorrys....

I'm sorry my beautiful followers and readers or anyone who randomly checked out my blog...

I have been AWOL and there are good reasons for being so... not all I can share *at this moment* but I will in the next few weeks I promise. I also have such big news, regarding Mr P, a brand new sugar daddy with whom I cant actually believe my luck and general life sugar and not sugar related!

I shall start composing the updates now! Watch this space...

Baby Bow :-)

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Perfect Effect...

In my last post I mentioned how P and I have a strange relationship, but I didn't detail. Ive actually hardly posted on him during the 6 months we have been 'dating' and now I have decided to be a little more open...
From day one I have found P to be the most genuine of gentlemen I have ever met. I am genuinely very attracted to him, he makes me laugh and I cheer him up when he is having a bad day. We speak on the phone or at least text almost everyday, although I see him less often due to our clashing travel plans and our work...
In every single way, its perfect - at least it is from my point of view. I assume it is from his end too, as its gone on for too long now for us not to like each other.

Here comes the strange part - we have not had sex, nor have we really even kissed.
I have stayed with him a few times, lately on the trip to Dubai, but he always books me a separate room.

Now, as you can imagine this has confused me a great deal. Sure, I like a gentleman and sure its nice to know I'm not being used what so ever, but this is like something out of a 19'20s silent movie... I'm flirting, he is flirting, we are flirting. But that's where it stops. Thanks for this evening, and a kiss on the cheek!

At first, I thought he was gay, and I was his beard. But, I have come to the conclusion that he couldn't be less gay, plus the day we met he told me he is looking for a girlfriend. Then, I thought we might just be friends, so I sent him a message hinting at the situation, and he responded by saying he is just out of practice...

Its not a big deal, I love to spend time with him and in a way its so nice to get to know each other without all of that in the way, but I'm at the point where I am MORE THAN COMFORTABLE with us sharing a bed... or a kiss, at least.
So there you have it, my strange little set up with Perfect, I will keep you updated!
Kisses :-)
Baby Bow xx
*Update P.S - G got back in touch with me, after my cut throat message, can you believe it! He said something about being busy, so I said il leave the ball in your court. He replied ' The ball is in my court. Game, set match. And we are matched. Il be in touch' I WAS SICK IN MY MOUTH. CHEESE ON TOAST OR WHAT!!! No thank you Mr G, No thanking you x

Monday, 5 April 2010

Happy Easter ♥ Dubai Continued....

After the day of shopping with my friends, I met back at the hotel and after a quick freshen up had the best dinner at Nobu, which is actually inside another amazing hotel, Atlantis, nestled on the palm a short drive away (Pictured above).

To dinner I wore an amazing corset I picked up in forever 21 - US baby's can find it in the Alice in wonderland collection - I LOVE! :-) Its cream and peach with clocks all over, and grey satin flowers around the top, and it was only about $20! I wore it tucked into a white bandage style body-con high waisted pencil skirt, with peach heels.

There was a big group of us at dinner as some of his Dubai friends came along, they were nice enough, although it was all men and me, but they really took care of me and I felt like a princess all evening. I usually have the same thing at Nobu London, but in Dubai the menu was different so I tried the Yellow Tail Sashimi with Jalapenos, and for main I had the fillet of Salmon with Avocado Tempura.... yum. I decided to not drink any alcohol so opted for Green tea.

That evening I had a great sleep and woke up refreshed and ready for the races! We ordered some room service pancakes, fruit, yogurt and coffee (Yes all I did this trip was EAT) and got dressed, I loved the dress and shall post a picture on my face book, although the feathers went a little crazy so the hair took a while to tame!

The races was a lot of fun, and much more extravagant than I ever expected, far more so than at home. I felt a little out of place, as most people in the area I was sat seemed very 'horsey' and really knew their stuff, I can chat to anybody so it wasn't a problem and I am pretty good at blagging it! I did sometimes wish I was just down at the regular bar and not in the posh area, as it seemed a little more relaxed and less pretentious, but I managed to bring the tone down by dancing on a table at some point anyway!! Mission accomplished!

I didn't win anything, although my 'allowance' was intended for betting, I took an interest in other peoples bets and I placed a few on horses with names that made me laugh, or reminded me of people I knew... there were no inspired choices and that showed in my losses!

After the races, it was a very quiet night as too much alcohol had been consumed in the blazing heat of the sun, and tidiness started to set in. After a relaxing sleep I woke up, and went to the gym for a quick Pilate's session before going to the airport to catch the flight home. I flew home alone as business was to carry on in Dubai, and I had to get back for my own job.

I quite enjoyed flying home on my own, I changed into Pjs right away and ate ice cream and watched movies, read magazines and generally chilled out. I had lots of thinking time on the flight, and I realised that the whole sugar search for me is just so much fun, I cant believe some of the experiences it has bought to me.

In all of this, this certain perfect individual is more than I could ever want, or would have ever expected to find, and I like and respect him very much. At the moment we have a strange relationship, which I have decided to post in more detail about next time... it might surprise a few of you, and it has me a little confused too...

I had a wonderful, unexpected trip and have been invited on something similar later in the summer. At the moment I'm hoping il have the time off work - if not guess who is getting the man flu in July!

That's all for now, will post again soon,

Baby Bow xx

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Perfect Weekends, Perfect Sugar

Why hello there beautiful Sugars!

I know I know, I haven't posed too much recently - but that is all about to change! I have so much news so much so much and not enough posts to tell it all in! I have been spoilt!

Well first I shall tell you about a wonderful surprise I had from somebody a little PERFECT.

Having a few days off from work and not quite being sure what to do with myself I made a few calls around to see what my pots where up to and to try and get the ball rolling after what seemed like the s-l-o-w-e-s-t few weeks....

My favorite of all time got back in touch, and invited me to an experience I could never turn down - THE DUBAI RACES. Now, for those of you not too familiar with Dubai it is like the sugar playground of all time, opulent and diamond covered, with sugar baby's grazing every mans arm. The people here have real F-YOU money, and buy hotel chains and private jets like its a game of monopoly.

I was flown by his private plane down to his huge house, its the most beautiful house Ive ever seen and I would have been happy for this experience alone, but it got better. We then went to a local Michelin starred restaurant for the best oysters Ive ever had, full of Tabasco and washed down with champagne.

We then got picked up by his driver, a very sweet man who has been working with him for years. Off we went to the airport, which was a short journey away although I fell to sleep from the bubbles of champagne within minutes! I was woken up to being driven straight through an express check in lane, with a drive-thru passport control and luggage check in.

From there we relaxed at the lounge, I ate king prawns in a chili sauce with spinach leaves, and had a coffee, and watched sports on the big screens whilst flicking through a page or two of Hello.

Next it was time to board, and we got onto the aircraft, turned left and went straight into First Class luxury. This was with an airline I had never before flown with, and I was amazed by everything from how beautiful the cutlery and linen that lined your table was, how comfy the beds were, and how amazing the company. There was a huge menu to choose from but as it was a relatively short 6 hour flight I decided to sleep most of the way so that I would arrive refreshed.

Once we arrived I checked into the hotel, he had to meet some friends and look at properties as the prices are lower in Dubai at the moment after the initial 'buzz' of the place. I had stayed at the hotel before, and it is just beyond flashy. Even the walls are 24 carat gold plated, and helicopters land right onto the roof.

I decided to freshen up in the bathroom, which was marble with heavy toweling robes and fluffy slippers and spa products all around. They even gave you small pots of creme De la Mer, which I slathered all over my face quicker than you could ever imagine - I love that stuff!
After showering I decided to go meet my friends who live in Dubai, we met at the mall of emirates which is a huge shopping mall that even has ski slopes within! We had a little walk around and I decided to look for a dress for the races. I found my favorite chain of shops in Dubai where they sell really nice designer stuff but it isn't stuffy or full of pretentious assistants, and they sell my favorite dress designer called 'sky' (I never see these dresses anywhere other than Dubai?)

The dress I picked out was a long white maxi dress, with a jeweled snake wrapping around your boobs, not a print of a snake, and actual jewelry type snake that wrapped around the top of the dress. It was perfect for the races and I decided I would wear some heels I already bought with white feathers clipped into my hair, rather than a hat.

The dress cost the equivalent of about £100 so it wasn't too expensive, but as I put my hand into my handbag I pulled out a little envelope with a 'x' on the front. Inside was a little stash of local currency and I was excited to find a surprise allowance inside! (It was actually money to bet with at the races i later found out, but id rather buy a dress too than gamble it all)

So with my dress ready and happy after an afternoon with friends I went back to the hotel, where the weekend got even more... perfect...

To be continued!


Sunday, 21 March 2010

'Off with your head'!

CL is officially my favorite Sugar in disguise website, a quick anonymous e-mail can do no harm... I advise you all to try it, of course being careful as there are obviously some weirdos on there too, that much is clear.

So out of my CL pots I have a lovely e-mail chain going on with one very charming gentleman, although he is out of the country so no date has been fixed. I also had a wonderful date with another, all went very well and he bought up my expectations fairly quickly. He was the image of a 'Sugar Daddy' that I have in my minds eye, and I will see how/if this situation progresses.

In my previous posts I mentioned how 'G' was fleeting in and out of the scene, well, its official - HE IS OUT.

G got back in touch, gave a few excuses for not being around, and we rescheduled to meet again. The morning of the meet came, and there I am preening and prepping myself as all good Sugar Baby's do...

Knowing his recent flakiness, I decided to shoot him a quick text to confirm we were still on, before I made the effort of leaving the house and getting dressed! Id love to say I don't get out of bed for less than £100,000, but this would be grossly untrue. I don't get out of bed for less than a 5k allowance. That's more like it. ;-)
To my disappointment but not my surprise, I received the following text...

'Hi! sorry up to my everything in it at the moment. Having a s... day. Lots going on, and not sure when it will end. Probably best to scrub today. xx '
Pure crap. That's exactly how it was written too. Does everyone agree this is the most useless text apology you have ever had the misfortune to read. Probably best to 'scrub' everything actually, you poor excuse for a SD, and waste no more of my precious time. In the words of the Red Queen "Off with your head"...hehehe.

In fact, i said almost as much. Its one of my main sugar rules that you should never fully erase a SD from your life. At the end of the day, you never know when circumstances could change and it might be benefiting to have friends like this, plus its not in my nature to have a fall out with someone in general. Id rather be forgiving, and positive.
Like Ive said in the past, to feel anger towards another person is like swallowing poison and expecting them to fall ill. Its far better to get rid of any negativity, and remain happy.

In this instance, I defied all of my own rules and I text back with a rambling of how he had let me down and I wished for him to delete my number.... oops. Still, I don't regret this choice. I feel that G had something hidden, something was not quite right and I'm glad I outed him sooner rather than later.

In this case, it felt right. G was not going to go anywhere... lets be honest if you follow my blog you will know I was finding it unnatural to imagine an 'us' as a SD/SB unit, so i didn't need too much discouragement. G never replied, which I think just goes to show he was all talk and no wallet. The worst kind.

But, in general I would advise you stay friends with any pots that don't quite make the cut for what ever reasons. At the time he might not be right, but if you leave the gates open you never know when he might pop back, and fit into your world a little better than the first time.

Lovings :) Baby Bow x